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She immediately knew the singer “Jessica Jay” and even mailed me a copy of a cassette to me at my new job in Ukraine.

The saying of “100 messages, 1 rhythm” came after the hype created by “Broken Hearted Woman” among the Thai artists who did the covers.

Although the market was flooded by so many covers of the song, the sales figures of the parent albums did not seem to suffer at all.

Ironically, the Chichiquita song may do more to catapult Jessica Jay to fame than her previous dance songs. Occasionally I do casual Internet detective work to locate people, and I savor the challenge.

I heard the song first in 1996 and had no idea how to find the song when I wrote a former student, Ermelinda Gjika and asked her if she knew anything.

The fact that there are no English articles about this singer tells me that her native language cannot possibly be in English and probably not a European language either.

Actually, a lot of singers perform for a few years, disappear for a decade and then suddenly spring into the public eye again.

(I had that happen with Texas singer Kathy Mc Carty a few years ago ).