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Thus to keep the Commandments faithfully involves a very real though hidden separation from this world, as it also demands a great strength of character or stability in the service of God.

These two Greek words express respectively the two ideas connoted by "holiness" viz.: that of separation as seen in hagios from hagos , which denotes "any matter of religious awe" (the Latin sacer ); and that of sanctioned ( sancitus ), that which is hosios has received God's seal.

Sanctitas in the Vulgate of the New Testament is the rendering of two distinct words, hagiosyne (1 Thess., iii,13) and hosiotes ( Luke ; Ephesians ).

Paul : "Follow peace with all men, and holiness [ sanctimoniam , hagiasmon ]: without which no man shall see God " ( Hebrews ).

The Greek word should ne noted; it is generally rendered "sanctification", but it is noteworthy that it is the word chosen by the Greek translators of the Old Testament to render the Hebrew (rendered as Ayin-Zayin ), which properly means strength or stability, a meaning which as we have seen is contained in the word holiness.

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Considerable confusion is caused by the Reims version which renders hagiasmos by "holiness" in Hebrews , but more correctly elsewhere by "sanctification", while hagiosyne , which is only once rendered correctly "holiness", is twice translated "sanctification". Thomas ( II-II:81:8 ) insists on the two aspects of holiness mentioned above, viz., separation and firmness , though he arrives at these meanings by dint of the etymologies of Origen and St. Sanctity, says the Angelic Doctor, is the term used for all that is dedicated to the Divine service, whether persons or things. nor any other creature shall be able to separate us from the love of God " ( Romans -39 ). Thomas defines holiness as that virtue by which a man's mind applies itself and all its acts to God ; he ranks it among the infused moral virtues, and identifies it with the virtue of religion, but with this difference that, whereas religion is the virtue whereby we offer God due service in the things which pertain to the Divine service, holiness is the virtue by which we make all our acts subservient to God.

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The Greek Liturgy asserts that Herod killed 14,000 boys ( ton hagion id chiliadon Nepion ), the Syrians speak of 64,000, many medieval authors of 144,000, according to Apoc., xiv, 3. Matt.), Kellner to about six (Christus and seine Apostel, Freiburg, 1908); cf. The Middle Ages gave faith to this story; Abelard inserted it in his hymn for the feast of Holy Innocents: Ad mandatum regis datum generale nec ipsius infans tutus est a caede.

Modern writers reduce the number considerably, since Bethlehem was a rather small town. Ad Augustum hoc delatum risum movit, et rex mitis de immiti digne lusit: malum, inquit, est Herodis esse natum. (Dreves, "Petri Abaelardi Hymnarius Paracletensis", Paris, 1891, pp.

Knabenbauer brings it down to fifteen or twenty (Evang. 224, 274.) But this "infant" mentioned by Macrobius, is Antipater, the adult son of Herod, who, by command of the dying king was decapitated for having conspired against the life of his father.