Start Book i kissed dating goodbye

Book i kissed dating goodbye

So as you can see i expected a lot from this and all my expectations were quite easily met :) Thanks Joshua A She loved it!

I am so grateful for this fun way to get express my love! Thank you I gave the book to my spouse as an anniversary gift and they loved it!

There were even some tears which is huge because they never cry! I currently live in florida and my fiancee lives in california, when she received the package ,she facetimed me so I can watch her open it,..

The love of my life was overwhelmed with how sweet the gift was. Got a Love Book for my husband for Valentine's Day this year. I put this together for my boyfriend who doesn't live near me right now and he absolutely adored it! Im so excited for him to see it, I actually got butterflies in my stomach.

Went to dinner & gave him his book & he absolutely loved it. Thank you Love Book for making such a creative gift! Kelly I decided to make my husband a book about all the reasons why I love him. I recommend it if you want to spoil your loved ones with an unexpected gift. The quality of the book is great and it was here before Valentine's Day (I was pretty late on putting the order in)! The couple people who have seen the book are absolutely amazed at how well its bound and put together and How much thought and imagination went into it.

This idea is amazing and I'm so happy I found this website and definitely will be using it again! She really loved it and was happy to have a gift she could look back on.

Thank you Love Book for helping put together just a few ways in words of how much my husband means to me. I will definitely be making another book in the future. I'm not much of somebody to celebrate Valentine's Day.

I didn't blame the company as it was due to my poor planning.

When we got home from dinner and drinks I was so pleased and surprised to find my love book on the doorstep.

He was delighted with the book, it depicted everything I love about him, very personalized, very relevant. You will make your loved one more than happy with this!

The book was superb & loved by my partner, it made her both laugh & cry at the same time as it was so cute & funny. Will definitely use Lovebook again for another occasion in the future!

It was totally unexpected and exactly what our relationship needed.