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Their Facebook page has 13 reviews, with 10 5-star reviews, two 4-star reviews, and one 3-star review.10 years in the matchmaking industry is a solid run, and their positive online reviews certainly indicate they’ve got a working business model.

But size matters, especially when it comes to the extent of a matchmaking service’s database.

Compared to the greater Los Angeles singles population, the 4,000-and-some single women in the Catch Matchmaking database is just a drop in the bucket.

Catch Matchmaking has an Asian matchmaking division called Two Asian Matchmakers, which helps Asian women meet single Asian or Caucasian men.

Catch Matchmaking only takes on men as paying clients; women can join the database of eligible singles for free provided they pass the screening process.

On Yelp, this LA dating agency has a solid 4 stars.

Their speed dating events were popular with many reviewers like this one: Other users found the quality of the matches to be good, although keeping “an open mind” about what you’re looking for was a necessity for this client: Multiple users had good customer services experiences, and enjoyed working with Katie and Muy: Among the negative reviews on Yelp, a common Catch Matchmaking complaint was not enough high quality matches: The BBB gives Catch Matchmaking an A rating, with no complaints or reviews as of yet.

According to their website, this professional matchmaking service has over 4,000 single women in their database. Women are referred to the company by existing members, or actively recruited by Katie and May.

They are then matched with paying male clients, or invited to attend Catch Matchmaking events where they can meet and mingle with other LA singles.

On average, VIDA clients start a serious relationship after just 12 dates, which usually happens within the first 3 months!

You’re making an investment in your future happiness, so why settle for a matchmaking service with a limited virtual Rolodex?

This Catch Matchmaking review is packed with all the details you’re looking for, like cost, complaints, and real user experiences, so you can decide if this is the right dating agency for you!