Start Causing pain real stories of dating abuse and violence

Causing pain real stories of dating abuse and violence

Above all, it needs stressing that the victim of abuse is not responsible for the abuse and violence, but is being manipulated and coerced by the perpetrator.

Very rarely is one form of domestic abuse found by itself.

Generally where one form of abuse exists, it is within the context of other forms of abuse.

Though both victims and perpetrators of abuse come from all backgrounds, the shock, pain, confusion, feelings of guilt and betrayal of trust experienced as a result of being subject to domestic violence is common to all.

Many sufferers of domestic violence do not speak out about what is happening at home, but suffer in silence, often for years.

It affects men and women, old and young, heterosexual couples and homosexual couples alike.

It may start almost immediately, or only after several years of being in a relationship.

This has a double effect: it enables the abuser to continue to feel justified in continuing their destructive behaviour, as the victim takes responsibility for the abuse, and also allows the victim to continue to believe that they can change the situation and can in some way control the abuse and stop it.

Real change in a perpetrator of abuse however is sadly very rare.

Hence a perpetrator of physical violence will also subject his victim to emotional and verbal abuse.

Abuse rarely stays the same, but usually increases both in severity and frequency over a period of time.

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