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Chan marshall dating giovanni ribisi

Well, that happened because I had gone into the studio in Silver Lake at The Boat and I wrote all these songs and then I let my friend hear them four years ago and he said they were really depressing, and that made me really depressed, and so I didn't work for about eight months. It relaxes my frontal lobe and kind of opens my subconscious, and the melody's in my head and the words come out of my mouth. Like, maybe [Jackson] Pollock, maybe he never spilled paint before.

After that scare, she quit drinking and discovered a new on-stage persona -- instead of strumming a guitar and looking like she'd rather be getting a root canal, she strutted around the stage making love to the microphone, Mick Jagger-style. My last album was [the 2008 covers collection] "Jukebox," and I don't understand why everyone's like, "Your last album ["The Greatest," which featured all original songs] was six years ago, and what took you so long? I'm not gonna protect myself from my own anger when someone hurts me or betrays me. So the new album, was it important to you to do it all yourself?

But there's still something that sets her apart from you and me. I'd say on a scale of 1 to 10, there's like a couple shows that make it worth all the struggles, all the other fuckin' shows. One thing I think that's interesting about Bob Dylan is that he doesn't play an oldies set. " It's like, Well, I busted my ass recording and touring a record called "Jukebox," and I've never been happier recording a record or playing a record before. I'm gonna not put myself in a position like that again. Yeah, because I'd been on tour for a long time with the Dirty Delta Blues Band [her backing band on "Jukebox"] and not playing an instrument.

It’s a theme echoed in a recent rant on social network site, Instagram, where Marshall declared she’s leaving the US due to its politics, citing the misuse of power “as false currency to rape this earth with its lies, protection of wealth and vicious slayings”.