Start Chat lines in and around vancouver

Chat lines in and around vancouver

They feel that I should be going out into the community and “cold calling” local businesses, churches, libraries, etc.

I do understand their thinking, but there has to be a better way to market that we are looking to hire local besides soliciting places that don’t want to be bothered. While I agree with you that this tactic wouldn’t be useful for most professional jobs, I do think there’s a place for it other types of jobs — where many of your prospective candidates might not be regular Internet users (20% of Americans aren’t! We tend to forget that, but it makes sense to include that demographic in your targeting for this type of work.

That said, I don’t think I’d call other local businesses about this, but focusing on libraries and churches makes a lot of sense.

Can I ask what’s been going on with the role since then? Telling a recruiter I’m withdrawing from consideration because I just found out I’m pregnant Yesterday morning, I had an interview with a recruiter regarding a position I am very interested in.