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All the dogs he has had tested for the DCM gene have tested negative.of them! I hope anyone that buys a puppy from him asks to see all health records. He certainly trolled enough on here, before he got banned. It also seems like the imports are already titled...seems pretty lazy for someone who is so set on bashing the NA ring-- who probably spend more hours of the day preparing their dogs for the ring than the Euro's do in a week. I wonder what made him leave of perfect dobes in his eyes. Sad fact is there will ALWAYS be someone who doesn't do their research and gets suckered in by con artists like this.

We got all the hot hunks from all the major colleges and Universities.

Most of them are stupid frat boys that just had one to many drinks. 1000’s of pictures and videos of hot ripped muscle studs that like to strip in front of the camera.

He says they can work but never proves it on the field.

This couple had gone to K9, how, why, isn't important, but I guess his sales pitch and how he's the only guy that knows dobermans etc left them feeling uneasy and their inner voice was saying do more research. I gave names of breeders I know around Ontario from shows etc., multiple options, told them about health and temeperment testing. I said don't take my word for it, do your own research and feel free to stop by anytime to chat.

Sasha is a lot stabler than the other dogs Ive seen from the breeders I refused.

But while I was in that waiting period I can't tell you how many people told me I was crazy and stop being fussy and just get a puppy from so and so and it will all be ok.

He went on to explain that they are the larger European dobermans (larger chest, smaller build) and how he trains them to protect and attack.