Start Dating for rode microphone

Dating for rode microphone

Actually, what really convinced me was the fact that Dae Bennett of Bennett Studios told me that he had a pair in his mic locker.

Reading the material on his web site made me want to whip out the credit card and buy everything.

Not only are there a ton of sites that offer DIY solutions for mic mods, but there are several companies and boutique “mic modders” who offer these services for a reasonable price.

Reasonable, that is, when you consider the price of the mics that these modified specimens are said to rival. Judging from my own adventures with mic modding — which I’ll detail in this article — absolutely.

I decided to email Dave myself with a few questions about the mods.

When I received my first reply from Dave, it nearly made my head spin.

In some cases, additional circuit changes can transform a good piece of equipment into great equipment that might rival the performance of gear many times its price.

Perhaps nowhere is this more prevalent these days than with microphones.

For the average project studio owner, spending $5,000 or $10,000 on a microphone is usually out of the question, but spending a few hundred dollars on a mic and a few hundred dollars on modifications is a much more realistic proposition. Wouldn’t everybody love to have the bragging rights that go with owning a beautiful U-47 in perfect condition?