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The 1415 kilometre length of Nepal-China boundary is based on measurement in the maps ( for details on Nepal-China Boundary see Annex).

If the actual measurement is made on the ground along the slopes and ridges of the mountains, the length of the boundary will be more than that indicated by the measurement in the maps.

So far as Nepal-India boundary is concerned, the mountainous portions of the boundary lie in Sikkim State and Darjeeling district of West Bengal State in the east, while rest of the boundary runs along the plains in the south and along the Mahakali River in the west.

The Delineation and Demarcation of Nepal-India Boundary Prior to the domination of India by the British East India Company, both Nepal and India were divided into petty kingdoms and principalities.

She then returns to normal life, just as shown here with Kumari Samita Bajracharya The Gufu ceremony is a grand occasion and marks the start of a time when the child can go to school, return to their families and live in public, after years of being unable to do all those things.

Here, Purna Shova, left, unties the hair of her daughter, Kumari Samita Bajracharya, at Bagmati river in Patan, Nepal The goddesses live in temples and other enclosed areas and cannot be seen in public, apart from during ceremonies and festivities.

In contrast to Nepal's boundary with India on three sides: west, south and east, the boundary between Nepal and China lies in the north only.