Start Driver sr needs updating debian

Driver sr needs updating debian

Note: Automatic upgrade of packages is NOT recommended in reduces the bandwidth requirements of Debian mirrors by restricting the frequency of Packages, Releases and Sources file updates from the back end and only doing a single fetch for any file, independently of the actual request from the proxy.

You can use “apt-cache search ” because the firmware packages embed the list of firmware files in their description.

This will cause some troubles to users who need them.

I’m thus going to do a small overview on the topic and teach you what you need to know to deal with the problem.

udev is getting the request with the name of the firmware, and in its default configuration (see But you might be informed sooner.

When you install a new version of the Linux kernel with the official Debian packages, the post-installation script will go through all loaded modules (those listed by lsmod) and it will verify whether this module as provided by the newly installed kernel might require firmware files.

In case there's some important note to add to the upgrade process, the packages will alert the user, and often provide a solution to a possible problem.

You should also read the Release Notes document that describes the details of specific upgrades.

To take advantage of it use a source like this one: .