Start Emachines 466id updating bios

Emachines 466id updating bios

Hard drive speed is significant, and sub-$500 PCs don’t come with blazing drives. They’re not expensive–you can be in business for under a hundred bucks. Most retail-boxed drives even come with all the software you need to move all your data to the new drive. I prefer Maxtor drives over Western Digital because they’re faster and more reliable; Comp USA’s house-brand drives are just repackaged Maxtors, so those are fine as long as you can find a 7200-rpm model. If you don’t have broadband yet, replace it with a USRobotics 2977 modem immediately.

First things first: e Machines don’t have the best reputation.

That makes it hard to justify, when you could just get a new $399 computer. But also keep in mind that a new computer won’t come with first-rate components, and the aftermarket parts you’re buying are first rate, or very close to it.

If that PC you’re looking to upgrade has a 600 MHz processor or faster, it’s likely that when it’s upgraded, it’ll hold its own with a new computer. But if you’ve got a four-year-old e Machine with a 300 MHz processor in it, you’re better off buying something new.

The majority of their problems are due to the power supply though.