Start Gay dating sites ok cupid

Gay dating sites ok cupid

Having a job is an attractive trait, so make sure to highlight yours in the “What I’m doing with my life” section.

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Humor can be tough to get right because it’s so subjective.

What makes one woman giggle might turn off another.

“I’m looking for a woman who is beautiful, fit, smart, fun, blonde, and no shorter than 5’8” is a turn off – it comes across as overly picky.

Instead, pick a few characteristics and traits that are important to you, and tell her about them in an interesting way.

Not meeting the kind of women you really want on Ok Cupid? But if you’re like most guys, writing about yourself is an exercise in frustration.

Unless you’re extremely good looking, you can’t rely solely on your photos to distract her from your pitiful profile.

The example above works because it’s witty and over the top in an attractive way, then it brings you and the reader back down to earth.

Even if you choose to answer different prompts, all the expert advice you just read still stands.

This particular intro style has mass appeal, which is a good thing since Ok Cupid is a melting pot of different types of women.