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Indie rock dating service

Generally speaking the word indie seems to provoke the idea of a pop sound, or an experimental sound. A bit of trivia I found today while reading about This Mortal Coil: TMC was a "gothic dreampop supergroup" formed within the seminal record label 4AD, who went in business in 1980.

While it may sound appealing to date a rock star, the indie class may pose some difficulties in finding the right boyfriend for you.

Dating an indie rock star would be similar to dating your best girlfriend–right down to the matching jeans and haircut.

I was unaware that now you can be a bullshit college radio rock band with a major record label backing you while you vomit unoriginal songs and talk about politics you know **** all about and still be called "indie".

BLACK FLAG was indie, MINOR THREAT was indie, ****in' hell CANNIBAL CORPSE is still more indie than any "indie" band.

The definition of "indie" changed more than a decade ago.

What you're referring to is known as "independent music", which is more of an idea than a genre.

Gibbard is the frontman for many different projects, though most notably Death Cab for Cutie. Talented multi-instrumentalist seeks band that could match his musical expertise.