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Iranian dating customs

My dad btw was a cab driver, and the acception was that they both moved to america for a better a life for my brother and me.

There are still places in the world where women are considered a spouse to their husbands instead of property.

But yes, I agree that the Islamic culture of thinking women are possessions is ridiculous.

So all and all persians a very materialist , at least the ones in America Interesting! Also, do you happen to know how to phonetically write Lady in Persian?

I think it's Hannoum or something to that effect but not sure.

In effect this affects their daughters a lot because they treat the girls like a princess, and spoil them every chance they get.

Their parents also tell them at a very young age that they need to marry a dr or lawyer, and that anything else lower than that they are selling themselves short.

It should be about two people deciding to live together and mate based on mutual affection/interest rather than how big ones pockets are or how much land one's got to ones name.

If I wanted to buy a wife there are cheaper alternatives.

They listen to what their husbands tell them, because they're considered a piece of property.

They don't really have the freedom to be high maintenance.

My white friends also are the same but to a lesser degree.