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Jen schefft dating

Plus, he MIGHT have cheated on her, but he claims there was just a picture of him Instagram Status: Split! News exclusively reported Nick and Vanessa ended their engagement.

Adam even met Raven's parents during the ABC Status: Split. While Amanda said goodbye to Robby in Paradise, she changed her mind once she was home.

She revealed during the reunion that she gave him "maybe 20 chances" to get things right, but it didn't work.

They are both going to continue to be friendly and are on good terms, but their romantic relationship has ended." , they shocked everyone by getting together after the show.

The Canadian sweetheart popped the question during the reunion taping, and Clare's brief jacuzzi argument with German Christian was all but forgotten.

It's with a heavy heart that we have mutually decided to end our relationship," the former couple wrote. in an RV and documenting the entire thing on Instagram and Youtube.

ABC Status: Together While they didn't get a ton of screentime during Winter Games, the finale revealed Australian Courtney and New Zealander Lily to be one hell of a couple. Hopefully, the couple that drinks alcohol out of a shoe together stays together.

While we lost Dean & Lesley and Clare & Benoit within just a couple of days of each other, Lily made sure to let us all know that she and Courtney are still going strong. for his entire finale, with his heart clearly telling him to pick Lauren and the rest of the world telling him to pick Becca, he picked Becca.