Start Legal separation vs divorce dating

Legal separation vs divorce dating

Differences between Separation and Divorce There are key differences between a separation and divorce.

The expense and difficulty in getting adequate health insurance for some people will influence a judge to grant a legal separation instead of a divorce.

Employers don’t remove spouses from a health plan because of a legal separation. Taking small steps, like moving out, separating bills, and sleeping alone allows people try out that decision. You don’t need a legal document to move out of the marital home.

Following legal separation with a divorce means that a court judge will assume that both parties were satisfied with the agreement and will likely carry the agreement over to the divorce settlement.

Legal separations are faster and cheaper than divorces because couples are still on civil terms, most of the time. That note aside, if you get a legal separation and then decide to divorce, you still have to file for the divorce. Any property purchased after the legal separation is solely yours. Nothing changes in regards to assets, debts, financial or obligations.

There is no legal penalty for dating while legally separated.

It’s the same as how there is no legal penalty for dating while you are married.

Legal separation is a legal process where debts, assets, financial support, and custody are divided. If one spouse files for legal separation and the other spouse counter-files for divorce, the court will almost always award the divorce.