Start Linksys stuck on validating identity

Linksys stuck on validating identity

MY current modem I have had for over 10 years DSL 504. I want to hook up mobiles (2), PS3, and blu-ray hhd recorder, and 2 pc's up to the modem. (if I have the modem set up at one end of the house)? I have no dead spots in my house and can use it down the street as well.

However not knowing anything about recent modems I wanted to do some research. Will the wireless range be good enough for a single story 4 bedroom house? It gave me an extra 300Kbps over my old Dynalink – I only get 7424Kbps max. I managed to connect once to adsl2 (never ever been able to do this before) and I got over 9000Kbps, but once I disconnected, i could not reconnect so will stick with for a while Local wireless is very fast at 2.4G and 5G and the range very good.

This will be one of the main concerns in our review. There are no firmwares for the unit other than the production factory firmware from May.

In testing with an ASUS PCE-AC66 3x3:3 AC card, up to 60MB/s writes were achieved to a wired host behind the 2890, consistently. No updates is also unacceptable for a flagship product, but understandable given D-Link's marketing of DSL products varies on a regional basis.

This is especially evident if you look at some of Intel's datasheets.