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Magnetic dating

This technique has been used globally on similar aged rocks.

Preliminary results of these events are presented, along with a proposed protocol to follow for the application of magnetic dating of flood boulders.

My colleagues and I were interested in the age of a specific rock unit in the Karoo Basin: the Elliot Formation.

Rocks of the Elliot Formation outcrop in a ring around the Drakensberg Plateau (see figure).

The Elliot Formation contains many fossils that shed light on the existence and evolution of dinosaurs in southern Africa.

This is especially interesting as the Formation is thought to span the end-Triassic mass extinction event.

Two such minerals, hematite and maghemite, are prevalent in the Elliot Formation.

In fact, they lend the Formation a distinct brick-red colour.

The Karoo Basin is an invaluable archive of information over its 120 million year depositional history.