Start Most intimidating eye color

Most intimidating eye color

Unfortunately, this “natural” ability dissolves for many speakers when they stand in front of a crowd.

Eye contact is (or should be) a natural technique for speakers.

Nearly every day, we have conversations with friends and family that are greatly enhanced by shared eye contact, and we are barely conscious of it, if at all.

And why it’s important to carefully consider the materials you use for color in your art.

Because it can be uncomfortable to look at the audience. but only a little.) Eye contact alone will not make or break your next presentation.

Doing so confirms they are looking at us, and that can make us feel vulnerable! Great eye contact won’t save a poor presentation, and poor eye contact won’t doom an otherwise fantastic presentation.

Compared to your content, eye contact is clearly secondary.

However, eye contact is a valuable delivery tool you can use to enhance your presentation.