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Mr x dating secrets revealed

During a training session, Chichi discovered how rich Videl's family was and pushed Gohan to marry her. For that reason, anyone in Gohan's life who knew about his superhero secret couldn't help but to give him some grief over it.

She used this knowledge to blackmail Gohan into teaching her to fly.

This was not exactly a healthy start to the relationship, but it seems to have paid off for them in the end.

Gohan's feelings for Videl were powerful enough to awaken SS2 in spite of the fact that they hadn't even started dating yet. Satan as himself, and Gohan acted as the stunt double for his Great Saiyaman alter ego, while keeping his true identity a secret, of course.

Being the daughter of the World Martial Arts Tournament champion, it makes sense that Videl would take to a life of fighting crime. at least until the Golden Warrior/Great Saiyaman entered the scene.

She not so promptly figured out that Gohan was both of these mysterious figures, and that it was not Hercule who saved the world seven years in the past but was in fact Gohan.

After things settled down in the Majin Buu arc, Videl continued her undying support for Gohan, going as far as putting on a ridiculous helmet and dancing around foolishly in public with her future baby daddy as the Great Saiyaman II, effectively creating a kick butt (but super cheesy) crimefighting team.

First by insisting that he train her to fly and then by forcing him to fight in the World Martial Arts Tournament along with her. Both Chichi and Videl’s mothers are absent in the show, only their fathers seem to be present in their lives.