Start Nextgen gallery thumbnail error updating thumbnail

Nextgen gallery thumbnail error updating thumbnail

It also fixes an issue where some page elements overlap Fancybox and prevent the close button from functioning (in particular the title text, header image and menu bar in Twenty Eleven).

All file ownership and permissions were correct, but Next GEN’s uploads page was just showing a yellow error triangle with a tooltip of “HTTP error”.

After watching the Java Script console in Chrome, I discovered there was not only a JS error on every Next GEN settings page, but also a “Not found” error on the image upload page itself.

Additionally, security is enhanced with the addition of blank files in each folder, preventing bots from scanning your server’s directory tree.

This first major release for Optimizer sees a number of new additions and features…

Fancybox now includes space for a single-line title in its image height calculations, vastly improving vertical alignment of the lightbox.

Also, Optimizer now lets you choose between using Word Press’s included j Query (for greater compatibility), or the Google-hosted version (for faster page loads).

If you’re using Next GEN Legacy (v1.6.2 to v1.9.13) or Next Cellent Gallery (v1.9.14 to v1.9.31), Optimizer will intelligently fine-tune all your posts and pages Next GEN Gallery content automatically…