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Not dating enough

Gradually, a diet that is low in protein can cause your body to lose lean muscle mass.

Both these nutrients are important for overall muscle and joint health.

Your hair is comprised mostly of a protein known as keratin, and this mineral is important for hair health.

The recommended dietary allowance for grams of protein that an adult needs each day is as follows: Sudden muscle weakness or pain can be a sign that your diet lacks the recommended amount of protein.

Protein is the fuel for your muscles, so your muscles suffer a lot when your body lacks protein.

Produce contributes B-vitamins that help you derive energy from your diet, vitamin C to assist with wound healing, vitamin A to keep your skin and eyes healthy and vitamin K to support blood clotting.

Minerals in fruits and vegetables include, for example, calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium, which contribute to your skeletal, nerve and cardiovascular health.

Your body breaks down protein-rich tissues for your muscles to use them.