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GRYNBAUM In a world where immediate outrage is possible, corporations in trouble do best when they consider “the golden hour” of crisis response. By MANNY FERNANDEZ, JULIE TURKEWITZ and JESS BIDGOOD Researchers have traced many of the school shootings terrorizing the United States back to a single event: the 1999 massacre at Columbine High School.

Monsoon rains in Bangladesh could kill thousands of Rohingya refugees by bringing flooding, landslides and disease.

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She was among many notable women whose deaths went unremarked by The New York Times, until now.

Thank you very much everybody,” Trump responded as Acosta continued to bark questions. Or do you want people to come in from other parts of the world… Trump then pointed directly at Acosta and simply said, “Out!

Last December, Acosta was shut down by White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders when the liberal reporter tried to hijack a press briefing.

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