Start Omar and teri dating

Omar and teri dating

Teri defends a corporate racist, to the chagrin of her family and her colleague Josefina (Eva La Rue). Bird, Lem, Jeremiah and Uncle Pete move back into Big Mama’s house.

He created his own models which he distributed successfully, mainly in the Alpine region.

Josef’s wife, Carolina Riffeser ran the company during the difficult years of war and the absence of her husband.

Teri and Damon decide to try being friends instead of lovers. Maxine realizes that Kenny and Teri attended a concert together in high school after their break-up . Teri, Maxine and Bird are shocked to discover that they have a half-sister (Tyra Banks), and that she wants to bury her recently deceased mother alongside their father.

Ahmad’s fascination with a comic book superheroine interferes with his studies for the PSAT.

The Joseph sisters file a lawsuit against their late father’s business partner (Richard Roundtree) over ownership of the local grocery store that the two men owned.

Ahmad has problems adjusting to his new private school.

Teri is forced to confront her feelings about Miles when he prepares to leave Chicago with his band (Case, Montell Jordan, R. The sisters ask Hardy Lester’s ex-wife (Gloria Foster) to testify against him.

Lem narrowly avoids arrest, thanks to the intervention of his cousin Jack (Gary Dourdan), a police detective.

Tensions and mixed feelings linger between Teri and Miles.

Unemployed and desperate for money, Lem begins working as a courier for his drug-dealing cousin Franco (Richard Chevolleau).

Having been passed over for partnership, Teri is determined to prevail in the airline lawsuit.