Start Outlook updating conflicts

Outlook updating conflicts

Create a new calendar folder and move the recurring event it to.

Otherwise, you are ready to import the file to the default calendar.

Open the Import and Export wizard and choose Import from a file.

With older versions of Outlook, this is easy: select, Ctrl C to copy and Ctrl V to paste in-place.

Any time you move an occurrence or add notes to a single occurrence, you are creating an exception.

Choose Export to a file and click Next, choosing "Comma Separated Values" as the output format.

When Outlook asks which folder to export, select the new calendar folder.

Many people never make exceptions so ending a never-ending appointment is not always a problem - its only a problem if you either add notes to occurrences rather than the series (which many people do when they make notes about a meeting) or move an occurrence to a new date and need a record of these dates.