Start Outlook webdav calendar not updating

Outlook webdav calendar not updating

You should still be able to access it by Right Clicking on the Calendar"Change Publishing Options" Once Open, Select the Advanced Option.

link to an i Calendar or v Calendar file), how often do they auto-update?

Is there a way to configure this, either in the file downloaded or in Outlook preferences?

Utilizing this each client can, if he chooses, share his calendar with a co-worker. The default "publish interval" for each of the clients is set to 1 hour.

When I do get to the Sign In screen for it states: Something went wrong and we can't sign you in right now. These has been going on for a few days and this is probably why the published calendar is not updating for other users.

page=1&tab=yes Jeff I guess I am asking if there is a an iis7 setting, the context of Outlook itself was only for color.

So "Is there a syncronization setting for webdav calendars on the IIS7 server in a non exchange environment?

This is useful if you want to share calendars and availability information, but you or the other people do not use a Microsoft Exchange Server account.