Start Problems updating software on sharp bd hp20u

Problems updating software on sharp bd hp20u

I tried to load the disk over and over and always got the same result.

It took a week for them to respond and all I received was a BS message letting me know that Blu-ray technology was evolving and futher recommended that I call their Customer Support to report the disc problem. Didn’t I just conatact Customer Support to report the problem with Rambo?

The message was from a Customer Support rep advising me to call Customer Support, but the message did not include a telephone number. I temporarily put Rambo aside and assumed the problem would eventually be fixed with the next firmware update. Then I received Iron Man and when I tried to play it, the “incompatible disc” error greeted me once again.

Indeed, it has performed flawlessly, until just recently.

Unlike older DVD technology that remained relatively static throughout its popular life, both Blu-ray video and sound technology continues to evolve.

Blu-ray technology clearly won the battle for high definition DVD movie dominance.

But Blu-ray technology continues to evolve, and as it does, new issues pop up.

Rambo played fine in all the players, so that isolated the problems to my BD-HP20U.