Start Psychological effects of dating in high school

Psychological effects of dating in high school

Believers use this as a way to feel safer: If one avoids the behaviours of the past victims, one will be less vulnerable.

In Ethiopia, 6% of raped schoolgirls reported having attempted suicide.

They also feel embarrassed to talk about what had happened to them.

During the criminal trial, victims suffer a loss of privacy and their credibility may be challenged.

Sexual assault victims may also become the target of slut-shaming and cyberbullying.

There are two main types of self-blame: behavioral self-blame (undeserved blame based on actions) and characterological self-blame (undeserved blame based on character).

Survivors who experience behavioral self-blame feel that they should have done something differently, and therefore feel at fault.

The term victim blaming refers to holding the victim of a crime to be responsible for that crime, either in whole or in part.

In the context of rape, it refers to the attitude that certain victim behaviors (such as flirting or wearing sexually provocative clothing) may have encouraged the assault.

After a sexual assault, victims are subjected to investigations and, in some cases, mistreatment.

Victims undergo medical examinations and are interviewed by police.

Secondary victimization is the re-traumatization of the sexual assault, abuse, or rape victim through the responses of individuals and institutions.