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Radio carbon dating dinosaur bones

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Flight is the only plausible explanation for the rod-like bone attached to the dinosaur’s wrists, said Xing and his colleagues in a study published in today’s issue of wasn’t the only glider in its time.

Pterosaurs, which soared on leathery, featherless wings, had diverged from dinosaurs during the middle Triassic period.

The pterosaurs’ branch of the family tree produced no modern ancestors, but the dinosaurs’ branch eventually led to modern birds.

The writing and science can sometimes be uneven, but the dialogue is clever and funny, also frequently peppered with moments of genuine emotion.

Scientists have long known that modern birds are the descendants of dinosaurs.

Many small dinosaurs in the late Jurassic period even had feathers.

Meanwhile Booth brings Brennan along on investigations and has to help put a soft touch to her chainmail glove when dealing with people.