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Rules for dating me

Here are my gripes: Back in the day, a dude was expected to buy the lady’s dinner on a first date.

The girl should offer to pay half (whether or not she intends to do so), and then the guy is supposed to tell her she definitely will not.

Supposedly, if the girl does not offer to pay, then she expected to be paid for, which comes across as presumptuous.

"They protected me as loving moms and grandmas did in those days with, ' Always remember to act ladylike.' I got their message!

" (Speaking of silly rules, check out these 12 fashion rules for women over 40 that you should gleefully break.) You've seen it in Elvis movies: She bats an eyelash, he cracks a joke, she sends him a coy smile.

"All the guys were a little older and a little taller," explains Ziegler.

Both stigmas have since dissolved, if not disappeared.

When considering the prospect of being taken out, I gave minimal consideration to the fact that there were apparently socially-perceived notions about how people should act on dates.