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She had brought a small potted plant for the wife and I led her to the kit.. I first just wanted to say thank you to everyone that read part 1 of my work fling story. I really enjoyed the chance to answer some of your question and hear your own work stories. After our first time being physical with each other me and the doctor found it so difficult ..

Jack told her that she went above and beyond and he very much appreciated it. She smiled and said but I have not let you see my butt yet and asked didn't he want to see it.

Of course he did so she turned and put her hands on her hips and posed for him. Years ago after we had been married maybe ten years we were still one of those couples that lived week to week and had to really watch our money.

Last year we had a pretty dirty and fun Friday up there.

We live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and he worked across Central Park on the Upper East Side. Since the last writing of our weekend at the bar where my sisters 2 friends had stripped her naked in front of me and we both were naked in front of her friends, things have changed at home.

The knock at the door came as a surprise as I was changing to go to the gym.

The wife had gone to visit family out of state for a week and I was not expecting visitors.

It was a pleasant surprise to see my wife's friend, Lori at the door.