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Troy and gabriella dating

Since the movie, monique starred in three seasons of the suite life of zack and cody, the electric company and will next appear in abc family sci-fi drama stichers as solaris.

In the first film, Gabriella helps Troy realize he can pursue both basketball and musicals, going against the status quo, and she stands by his side throughout his family and friends trying to keep him from following his newfound passion for singing. It may not seem huge, but Troy sticking up for his girlfriend so early on in their relationship (did they even DTR at any point in being together?

Also, she has her own passions — scholastic decathlon, specifically — which she also balances among her academic friends, singing, and her boyfriend Troy. I digress) indicates how he values Gabriella as a partner, and won't take anyone putting her down. My college boyfriend's dad wasn't a huge fan of me — maybe it was my non-traditional journalistic pursuits that weren't enough — and my then-boyfriend didn't stand up for me in my physical absence, which hurt a lot.

The East High Wildcats win.)By the end of the trilogy, Troy and Gabriella make their relationship work by attending two schools that are roughly 30 miles from each other: University of California, Berkeley (was Troy smart? While the logistics of their long-distance relationship were gleefully glossed over back then, I didn't question how they would make their relationship work.