Start Updating microsoft excel

Updating microsoft excel

Some members are no longer available on these collection types, such as Capacity, List, and Inner List.

Not sure if this is the right forum, but I discovered a quirky problem affecting Update Row and Insert Row when the Excel workbook contains cells with comments!

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For more information about the Controls collection of documents and worksheets, see Adding Controls to Office Documents at Run Time. NET Framework 3.5, several collection types in the Visual Studio Tools for Office runtime derive from the Collection Base class, such as Microsoft.

Object) method of the Controls or Controls collection instead.

This class has been removed from the portion of the Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime that's used for solutions that target the . Therefore, you must remove or comment out the line of code that references this class. NET Framework 3.5, the Get Vsto Object or Has Vsto Object methods are available as extension methods on one of the following native objects in your project: Document, Workbook, Worksheet, or List Object.

To use these extension methods, the code file in which you use the methods must have a using or Imports statement for the Microsoft.

Would like to hear from Microsoft if this is a bug, limitation or working as designed.