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The first, often abbreviated to Mishneh Torah, was written by Maimonides and was very important in Jewish tradition.

This means that, for example, if a father left five sons, the firstborn receives a third of the estate and each of the other four receives a sixth.

If he left nine sons, the firstborn receives a fifth and each of the other eight receive a tenth.

The Quran contains only three verses that give specific details of inheritance and shares, in addition to few other verses dealing with testamentary.

But this information was used as a starting point by Muslim jurists who expounded the laws of inheritance even further using Hadith, as well as methods of juristic reasoning like Qiyas.

The Quran introduced a number of different rights and restrictions on matters of inheritance, including general improvements to the treatment of women and family life compared to the pre-Islamic societies that existed in the Arabian Peninsula at the time.

Furthermore, the Quran introduced additional heirs that were not entitled to inheritance in pre-Islamic times, mentioning nine relatives specifically of which six were female and three were male.

However, the inheritance rights of women remained inferior to those of men.

According to the Quran, for example, a son is entitled to twice as much inheritance as a daughter.

In addition to the above changes, the Quran imposed restrictions on testamentary powers of a Muslim in disposing his or her property.

In their will, a Muslim can only give out a maximum of one third of their property.

If there were no living sons and no descendants of any previously living sons, daughters inherit.